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 <]dS[> vs. /\\/ - loss

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PostSubject: <]dS[> vs. /\/ - loss   2007-10-21, 11:46 pm

Clan names: <]dS[> + /\\/
Gametype played: CTF
Maps played: ctf_Laos ; ctf_Ash ; ctf_Lanubya
CW result: Loss

Members played
<]dS[>:[M][R] Jumbo; Geoffrey; Mrpluckpluck ; =Ryan=
/\\/: ShazMan ; Shank

Round 1: 3-2

Round 2: 5-0

Round 3: 2-1

General Comments:
Well, this was interesting. We scraped a win first round. Jumbo had to leave at the very end so Pluck came in. Ryan and Pluck didn't seem to gel at all from where I was standing. I was brought in to replace Pluck round 3. I made a bit of headway but still not enough. Sorry for my technical difficulties at the moment. I try.

Thing with 2v2s is trust. You have to be able to not go straight to head off the incoming enemy. Your FFC has to be relied upon to deal with them themselves. Also, avoiding a stalemate situation in these matches take practise that I think Jumbo and I have, maybe with Pluck too. This is just from lots of 2v2 experience. However, concentrating on 3v3s would be more beneficial for league games.

Well played /\\/. They deserved the win, they really worked well in Ash. I must say Shank has improved a fair bit.
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PostSubject: Re: <]dS[> vs. /\\/ - loss   2007-10-22, 12:01 am

Dude, Geoffery you need to fix your Soldat! Razz I wanna play AV really bad.
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PostSubject: Re: <]dS[> vs. /\\/ - loss   2007-10-22, 2:30 am

Yeah we can take ''em. Me and ryan just have real bad teamwork...
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Mr. JumBo

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PostSubject: Re: <]dS[> vs. /\\/ - loss   2007-10-22, 4:02 pm

i was lagging, my ping was spiking and i had to go. Sorry for that Sad
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PostSubject: Re: <]dS[> vs. /\\/ - loss   

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<]dS[> vs. /\\/ - loss
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