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 <]dS> Vs. EcF`` ~Win

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<]dS> Vs. EcF`` ~Win Empty
PostSubject: <]dS> Vs. EcF`` ~Win   <]dS> Vs. EcF`` ~Win Icon_minitime2007-11-25, 12:39 am

Clan names: <]dS[> + EcF``
Gametype played:CTF
Maps played:ctf_Laos; ctf_Nuubia
CW result:<]dS[> Wins

Members played
<]dS[>: JumBoo; Snipufin/win; Mrpluckpluck
EcF``: BoneyM; Panther; somefeckwitwhosnameIcan'tremember

Round 1: 8-1 -dS
<]dS> Vs. EcF`` ~Win Endgame-07-11-24-44

Round 2: 3-2-dS
<]dS> Vs. EcF`` ~Win Endgame-07-11-24-46

General comments:
We played very well overall, on on laos things were just easy. On nuubia it was harder to cap due to everyone spawning around you whilst inside their base.
After the game we discused it a little and noted that we need to kill inc's rather than letting them walk past ;P
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<]dS> Vs. EcF`` ~Win
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