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 <]dS[> Vs. nR' -Draw

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<]dS[> Vs. nR' -Draw Empty
PostSubject: <]dS[> Vs. nR' -Draw   <]dS[> Vs. nR' -Draw Icon_minitime2007-11-18, 3:18 am

Clan names: <]dS[> + nR'
Gametype played: CTF
Maps played: Laos, Nuubia, Ash
CW result: Draw

Members played
<]dS[>: Geoffrey; Mrpluckpluck
nR': CeRbeRuS; Ivel

Round 1: 5-3 -<]dS[>
<]dS[> Vs. nR' -Draw Screenshot-07-11-17-01

Round 2: 5-5 -Draw
<]dS[> Vs. nR' -Draw Screenshot-07-11-17-04

Round 3: 3-7- nR'
<]dS[> Vs. nR' -Draw Screenshot-07-11-18-01

General comments:

GG's. I reckon we could've had division but I made a couple of silly mistakes unning to their flag when I should've taken down an incoming instead of running for the flag. On Ash I think their teamwork might've been slightly better, who knows.....
On laos we were doing very well, and everything went as planned.

Not bad considering nR' is just the new name of ZebeC......

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<]dS[> Vs. nR' -Draw Empty
PostSubject: Re: <]dS[> Vs. nR' -Draw   <]dS[> Vs. nR' -Draw Icon_minitime2007-11-18, 3:43 pm

Yeah Aimbot is the leader of nR'. Did they say anything after I left about a tiebreaker cause I had to go very quickly? Twas past midnight etc.

<]dS[> Vs. nR' -Draw Screenshot-07-11-17-04

<]dS[> Vs. nR' -Draw Screenshot-07-11-18-01
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<]dS[> Vs. nR' -Draw
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