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 <]dS[> vs. Myth | - Win!

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Mr. JumBo

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<]dS[> vs. Myth | - Win! Empty
PostSubject: <]dS[> vs. Myth | - Win!   <]dS[> vs. Myth | - Win! Icon_minitime2007-10-31, 1:10 am

Clan names: <]dS[> + Myth
Gametype played: CTF ; 2on2
Maps played: Laos ; Ash ; Run
CW result: Win!

Members played
<]dS[>: Mrpluckpluck, Mr. JumBo, Geoffrey
Myth: Zenith, Vandal
Round 1: 7-1 - Myth
<]dS[> vs. Myth | - Win! Screenshot-07-10-30-03

[color=Green]Round 2: 6-5 - dS
<]dS[> vs. Myth | - Win! Screenshot-07-10-30-04

Round 3: 7-4 - dS
<]dS[> vs. Myth | - Win! Screenshot-07-10-30-06

General comments: First round me and pluck got Lol'd. Idk why, but we lost. Badly. Second round geoff subbed in for pluck and we played Ash. We were going good till it was 4-1 and then they managed to cap for 4-4.
It was tense but we still won by 1 point. In run the m79 guy was almost powerless as Geoffrey rugered the hell outta him Laughing . I think i did good in 2nd and 3rd, but i think i could do better. We won run and finished the glorios battle for middle USA. The yanks have once again been defeated by the honouarable armies of Gondor (UK) and Rohan (Croatia tongue) . GG's to all

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<]dS[> vs. Myth | - Win! Empty
PostSubject: Re: <]dS[> vs. Myth | - Win!   <]dS[> vs. Myth | - Win! Icon_minitime2007-10-31, 7:55 pm

Yeah GG. They were rushing really well on Laos. Ash went alright, the cap to clinch then awesome rett defending. Seriously, about 10 kills on the trot with them just flying at me in our flag area and just pwning them. Great fun. And when I ran back with their flag in Run Jumbo would have injured them so when they ran back together Jumbo told me where and two shots, double kill, cap. Sorted Very Happy.

Another rather sexy point came when we won Ash and had to choose a map. Me and Jumbo were typing "can't be good for m79" and "Run" at the exact same time. Smashing stuff.
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<]dS[> vs. Myth | - Win!
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