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 <]dS[> vs. AirWALK - Win

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<]dS[> vs. AirWALK - Win Empty
PostSubject: <]dS[> vs. AirWALK - Win   <]dS[> vs. AirWALK - Win Icon_minitime2007-10-21, 5:28 pm

Clan names: <]dS[> + AirWALK
Gametype played: CTF
Maps played: ctf_Ash ; ctf_Laos
CW result:Win

Members played
<]dS[>: Seigfried [Trial]; Geoffrey; Mrpluckpluck
=GSF=: Hexa; Tommy; German

Round 1: 7-3

<]dS[> vs. AirWALK - Win Screenshot-07-10-21-02

Round 2: 9-1

Forgot to screenie Sad.

General Comments:
Well they are a r/s clan who for some reason played this mode with us. Easy enough, thoughas you can see the text wasn't ideal for me... The second round started 3v3 then changed to 2v2 cause one guy had to go. afterwards they called us cowards because we didn't want to play an r/s cw with them. One of them got themself banned for coming back after we asked him to leave, kicked him etc.

Good job Seigfried in your first cw. Smile
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<]dS[> vs. AirWALK - Win
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