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 <]dS[> vs. vX][ -win

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PostSubject: <]dS[> vs. vX][ -win   2007-09-23, 1:46 am

Clan names: <]dS[> + vX][
Gametype played: CTF
Maps played:ctf_Laos; ctf_Steel; ctf_Ash
CW result:Win

Members played
<]dS[>: [M][R] JumBo; Paraq-; Mrpluckpluck
vX][: Dodger; Space-something (can't remember exactly)

ctf_Laos: Round 1: 1-1 -DRAW
Players: [M][R] JumBo; Paraq-

This was a very close round involving 2 stalemates.

ctf_Steel: Round 2: 2-4 -<]dS[>
Players: Mrpluckpluck; Paraq-

I was supprised we won this match since we generally don't play ctf_Steel much. However we managed to pull through, and para managed to cap in the last 10 seconds to make it 2-4 for us Smile Another close match.

ctf_Ash: Round 3: 4-6 -<]dS[>
Players: [M][R] JumBo; Mrpluckpluck

Another close match. We were up 6-2, but in the last minuate they capped 2x, and if the time hadn't run out they would've capped again.


All the matches were a good challenge, and fun was had by all. Both teams displayed good sportsmanship; no whining, bitching from wither side. Although JumBo was very nervous and thought he might've be able to play better than he did.
vX][ commented on how they were supprised how good we were (they thought we'd be worse), and now wish to allie with us in the near future.

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PostSubject: Re: <]dS[> vs. vX][ -win   2007-09-23, 12:07 pm

Wohoo! Winnar!
Pluck u did great on steel pirat

And Good job on ash guys =]

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PostSubject: Re: <]dS[> vs. vX][ -win   2007-09-23, 4:46 pm

Hooray! Nicely done.

Quote :
fun was bad

If you say so Pluck.
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Mr. JumBo

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PostSubject: Re: <]dS[> vs. vX][ -win   2007-09-23, 11:48 pm

Woop Woop =D
Nice Job d00dz ^^
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PostSubject: Re: <]dS[> vs. vX][ -win   

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<]dS[> vs. vX][ -win
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