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 <]dS[> vs. -|LcC.S|- -Win

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<]dS[> vs. -|LcC.S|-  -Win Empty
PostSubject: <]dS[> vs. -|LcC.S|- -Win   <]dS[> vs. -|LcC.S|-  -Win Icon_minitime2007-08-30, 8:32 pm

Clan names: <]dS[> + -|LcC.S|-
Gametype played: CTF 2v2
Maps played: Ctf_Ash ; Ctf_Nuubia
CW result: Win (Rape)

Members played
<]dS[>: Mr. Jumbo, Geoffrey
-|LcC.S|-: !Joker, Splinter

Round 1: 8-0 - <]dS[>

Round 2: 10-2 <]dS[>

General Comments: A spec commented on our highly effective communication. Me and Jumbo have some very thorough taunts. Very Happy

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Mr. JumBo

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<]dS[> vs. -|LcC.S|-  -Win Empty
PostSubject: Re: <]dS[> vs. -|LcC.S|- -Win   <]dS[> vs. -|LcC.S|-  -Win Icon_minitime2007-08-30, 9:13 pm


Har har har.
It was somehow easy...
Dunno why but when i threw a nade it always hit them in the legs and that caused INSTANT KILL. On other ocasions they would hit me with 5 nades and i wasnt even bleedin. The nades obviously "knew" who they need to hurt, and who they cant damage Wink .

1st round.
At the begginng it was kinda even, strange, cus i thought they are like pr0.
It seemed different at the end of time as we won. 8-0

2nd round
BAM! Same as 1st round except i got a lil carried away so i drank Ice Tea to refresh myself Laughing . That caused them to get 2 caps, but hey: 10-2 for us.

Result: \/\/ | /\/ /\/ /-\
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<]dS[> vs. -|LcC.S|-  -Win Empty
PostSubject: Re: <]dS[> vs. -|LcC.S|- -Win   <]dS[> vs. -|LcC.S|-  -Win Icon_minitime2007-08-30, 10:00 pm

Woot woot Good Job guys! tongue tongue

<]dS[> vs. -|LcC.S|-  -Win Drunkies4nc8
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<]dS[> vs. -|LcC.S|-  -Win Empty
PostSubject: Re: <]dS[> vs. -|LcC.S|- -Win   <]dS[> vs. -|LcC.S|-  -Win Icon_minitime

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<]dS[> vs. -|LcC.S|- -Win
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